Invoice Discounting

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Loan granted to refinance or discount properly documented and acknowledged account receivables or supply invoices certified for payment

This occurs when a contractor has executed LPO or Contract with own funds but would wait for a certain period before payment is made

Due to the deferred terms of payment of LPO or contract, the contractor has tied up capital in receivables

  • Genuineness of receivable/invoice(s) Creditworthiness of customer
  • Domiciliation of receivable/invoice(s) proceeds
  • Encumbrance
  • Security (where applicable)
  • Confirmation of invoice(s)
  • Confirmation of Irrevocable Domiciliation of invoice proceeds or tripartite domiciliation agreement
  • Maximum disbursement of 70% of invoice value
  • Terms of payment/track record (evidence)
  • Collateral (where applicable)
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October 24, 2016
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