Card Control

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The Wema Card Control feature is a ground breaking feature that allows customers manage/control the usage of his/her card. This feature allows the customer the luxury of enabling or disabling his/her card at will via the WemaMobile Banking Suite app or SMS. With the Card Control feature, a customer can:

  • Disable a card
  • Allow or Disallow Web Transactions*
  • Allow or Disallow POS Purchases
  • Allow or Disallow ATM Withdrawal/Quick Bank
  • Enable or Disable he usage of a card for different countries**

*By default, Web transactions are disallowed. Customers are expected to enable this using the WemaMobile Banking Suite or via SMS

** By default, all customers' cards are enabled for use only in Nigeria

To find step by step information on how to use, click links below:

Download Wema Card Control Settings - Using WemaMobile

Download Wema Card Control - Using  SMS Settings

Click Here to watch Wema Card Control - 'How To' Video

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December 13, 2017
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