Wema Prepaid Card

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Wema Prepaid Card does not require the cardholder to own/operate an account with the bank. It is a stored value card that must be funded before use. It operates virtually as a debit card, but the difference is that while the debit card is linked directly to the bank account of the cardholder, Wema prepaid card is linked to a virtual account. Funds can be loaded onto and downloaded from the prepaid card.

The product will have the following features as tabularized below:

  • Fund Card
  • Funds Transfer
  • Bills payment
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • PIN Change
  • View Balance
  • Card to Account Transfer
  • Purchase
  • Bills Payment
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Bills payment
  • Funds Transfer
  • Mini Statement

All transactions on the Wema Prepaid Card require a 4-digit PIN. The PIN would be used to authenticate all transactions done.

If Wema Prepaid Card is lost, the money is still intact. Upon the bank being informed of the loss, the card will be hot-listed, amount in the account is retrieved, and a new card issued to the card holder at a fee.

Value of the card is limited to amount loaded in the card. Minimum Balance on the card must be N1000

Wema Prepaid Card can be purchased on behalf of other people.(Intending cardholders)

  • Tertiary institutions Individuals –Unbanked Teenagers
  • Major retail outlets
  • Transport Operators e.g. BRT
  • Government establishments for pension, salary cards etc. Health Maintenance Organisations
  • Asset Management companies
  • Hospitality industries


  • Applicable fees are variable depending on customers' requirement
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December 13, 2017
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