Purple Beatz Valentine Poetry Challenge

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Purple Beatz!!! Make your lover’s heart beat with the rhymes of your words!


Purple Beatz is a poetry contest where a player writes a quatrain (4 line poem) beginning with the ‘Roses are Red’ line. This would involve a lot of creativity, as the 2nd and 4th line must rhyme. The person with the most votes by 12 midnight of Feb 20th wins.


Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

We love Poems

And so do you!


How to participate

Visit www.wemapurplebeatz.com to submit your poem


Rules of the Game

-      Every player must follow Wema Bank on Facebook or Twitter to qualify

-      Only one entry per player is accepted

-      The poem submitted must be a quatrain (4 line poem)

-      The poem submitted must begin with ‘Roses are Red’

-      The last word on 2nd and 4th line must rhyme

-      The entry with the most votes by Feb 20th wins the grand prize of the weekend getaway



  • Winner: A weekend getaway at Oriental Hotel
  • 1st Runner Up: A dinner for 2 at Four Points
  • 2nd Runner Up: A movie for 2
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November 23, 2017
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