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CSR Focus and Initiatives

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Wema Bank Plc, as a socially responsible corporate citizen, has demonstrated consistent commitment to sustainable development of its resident communities. In the process of creating an enduring institution, emphasis is laid on high professional and ethical standards. This ensures that the operations and activities of the Bank are aligned with the long term-interest of stakeholders.

The Bank’s CSR focus is premised on its core values of Teamwork, Mutual Respect, Innovation, Professionalism and Result Orientation. Its strategic approach to CSR places high premium on sustainability, especially on the issue of cross-generational equity. The sustainability practices are consciously being integrated into its core business functions.

Consequently, the Bank has supported worthy causes in the society with its CSR projects and activities, encompassing areas such as education, health, arts & culture and sports.


In recognition of the central role quality human capital plays in socio-economic development, Wema Bank has committed huge resources to support education and educational institutions. Key assets like buildings and vehicles have been donated to several institutions. Scholarships and endowments have also been awarded.


Promotion of good health and healthy living are central tenets of the Bank’s policies and practices. The Bank has provided financial support to people in critical situations to obtain quality medical treatment in Nigeria and abroad. Equipment and other healthcare facilities have also been donated to various hospitals and care-givers. In addition, quality health schemes are in place for the Bank’s workforce, as its primary stakeholders.

Arts & Culture

The Bank leverages its unique evolution to support and promote the cultural heritage of Nigerian indigenous communities. Wema Bank Plc is playing a key role in financing cultural festivals and art exhibitions nationwide. Besides, it uses its special relationship with community leaders to address important social issues.


Wema Bank consistently demonstrates its support for the growth of sports in Nigeria through sponsorships and donations to several national, state and student-organised games and sporting events across the country.

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