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Our Brand

  • People Banking on people

The Wema Bank Brand reinforces our key differentiating factor which is Responsiveness.

This is the single concept which drives the understanding of what we do, who we are and how we go about our business. It is the one word that best personifies the behavior, products and services of the Bank.

Our Brand is driven by a desire to develop an intimate relationship with our customers, putting us in a position to identify their needs and priorities. Our approach is hinged on mutual respect, service, innovation and efficiency.

In line with our core ideals and values, we seek to understand our customers’ businesses and objectives, such that we are able to anticipate their needs and meet them.

  • We believe in collective progress, the common good and sustainable success.
  • We measure our success not only by what we gain or reap from the people we interact with, but most importantly, by the reciprocal value we add to them – their lives, their businesses.
  • We strive to create values that endure, values that uplift human dignity and collective welfare.
  • Success to us implies succeeding along with all our stakeholders.

Our Purple

The choice of Wema Bank’s colour is fundamentally premised on the philosophies of our brand. Our purple is unique, cool, modern and welcoming.

Our Logo

Our logo is composed of intersecting lines representing the continuous connection between the bank & all strata of Stakeholders – Staff, Customers, Management & Board of Directors, Shareholders and all other groups in our stakeholder community.

In summary, our logo represents:

  • The never ending line
  • A continuous thread
  • Staff, Customers & all other Stakeholders linked as one
  • Colleagues working together as one
  • All working as one for continuous growth
Wemabank Logo