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Salary Savings Account

Earn Interest on Your Salary

Want to make more money on your salary? Use our Salary Savings Account. You don’t need to move your salary to another savings account to earn interest, as this account gives you interest at the same rate. You also have access to personal loan with Wema Salary Savings Account.

  • Zero account opening balance (first salary would be the opening balance)
  • Access to personal loan up to N2m repayable in 36 months
  • Interest Rate (same as existing saving account rate)
  • No third party withdrawal allowed
  • Supports use of Wema debit cards (for ATM, PoS, Mobile & Web transactions)
  • Transaction alerts available through SMS and/or E-mail
  • Secure and easy access to funds
  • Promotes good savings culture
  • Access to personal loans
  • Completed account opening form
  • Letter of introduction by the employer, with a schedule of all employees, the account is to be opened for
  • Copy of employee ID card
  • Copy of utility Bill of employer’s place of business (either of electricity bill, Waste bill, telephone bill or Water bill issued within the last three months)
  • One passport photograph of each employee
  • BVN
  • KYC
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