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Effectively Initiate and conclude bulk payment instructions

This is a comprehensive web application that provides an efficient and secure platform for organisations to effectively initiate and conclude bulk payment instructions. The application also credits beneficiaries’ bank accounts real-time irrespective of the bank of domiciliation. It allows authorised personnel within an organisation to process single or bulk transactions irrespective of time zones and currency. This product is also used for bulk transfers in our branches.

Transactions that are carried out on this robust platform include, but not limited to the following:   Salary payments, Taxes remittance, Vendor’s payments, Dividends payment, Corp member’s allowance.

  • Instant value to the beneficiary account irrespective of the individual’s bank
  • Ability to automate and process bulk payments in a cost-effective and efficient manner
  • Audit trail of all payment activities
  • Report (daily and historical) of all initiated transactions (successful and otherwise)
  • Ability to repeat unsuccessful transactions based on predefined timing and business rules built around contractual agreements
  • Efficient processing and payment of salaries
  • Supplier /Contractor payments right from the comfort of their offices
  • End-to-End Supplier Payment Management System Funds hit beneficiaries’ accounts with confirmation via SMS and e-mail
  • No additional investment in IT Infrastructure
  • Conduct multi-bank activities from one location
  • View Consolidated Bank Balance on a screen
  • Make payments to microfinance and mortgage banks
  • Institute amount-based security
  • Replicate existing payment workflow
  • View Reports and Audit Trail
  • Self-service capability
  • Paying salaries wherever you find yourself as long as there is n internet connection. Easily accessible from any part of the world 24/7
  • Highly competitive transaction fee


N1 -N500,000                        –           N100

N501,000 –  N1,000,000        –           N200

N1,000,001-N5,000,000         –           N500

N5,000,001  and above        –           N700

You can apply by downloading the WemaPay Corporate Request Form and you can pay directly on www.corporateautopay.com

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