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DMD Ademola Adebise educates young people about savings

The Deputy Managing Director of Wema Bank Plc. Ademola Adebise has advised young people to imbibe a savings culture, which he said makes it easier to achieve set life goals and puts people on the path to attaining financial freedom.

Adebise spoke at the Federal Government College (FGC), Enugu as Wema Bank celebrate the Financial Literacy Day 2017. Financial Literacy Day is celebrated in Nigeria every year as part of the worldwide celebration of the Global Money Week, observed in more than 135 countries across the globe.

Wema Bank executives were at more than 25 schools across the country to hold financial literacy sessions. They educated the children and youth about the benefits of the age-long idea of saving money in a bank rather than keeping it at home.

The Deputy Managing Director Adebise also advised young people to learn the art of budgeting. “Budgeting helps you to distinguish between wants and needs. This way you can set your priorities right,” he said.

At the interactive session at FGC, Enugu, students mentioned things they consider as wants and others they believed were needs.

Most of the students present at the Financial Literacy session were ready to open bank accounts at the end of the session, with questions asked about the process involved in opening a Savings Account.

Uduak Afandile, a Zonal Manager at Wema Bank answered questions related to account opening.

Wema Bank offers a range of savings products focused on helping customers to reach their financial goals. The bank also has two products tailor-made for young people.

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