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Integrated Revenue Management

Revenue collection solution designed for you

The POSdirect is an Off-line and On-line revenue collection solution designed to enable government and its establishments collect taxes and other levies with the use of POS terminals, capturing full payer details, with the intent of providing proper monitoring, accountability and reconciliation. The Pos terminal is integrated at the backend to interact with PAYDirect Solution.

It provides a Tax Collection Framework for the State Government and LGAs in order to make it easier for them to collect these taxes and other levies electronically which in turn will lead to sustainable economic development across the state. The POS Solution is customizable to have the look and feel of any corporate identity. It can be re-designed to capture the unique payment heads of the council.

  • Monitoring  of  revenue  transactions  across  various departments/business outlets
  • Management of inventory
  • Synchronizes backend and front end information
  • Tracks down revenue collections on-line real time.
  • Ability   to   Forecast   and   make   intelligent/strategic business decisions.
  • Ability to capture all revenue collections across all outlets at a glance.
  • Enjoys   24/7 business support program for hardware and software


  • Annual Service Cost per System = N195, 000 for 3 years lease option (N512,000)
  • Outright Purchase= N480,000 one off Payment

Transaction fee

  • 2% to 5% per transaction for Cash payment
  • 1.25% with a cap N2,000 per transaction for Cash payment
  • Flexible and easily customizable to meet specifics of customers needs
  • Handles cash and card payments
  • Ease of administration over the internet from anywhere in the world
  • Eliminates pilfering as sales and stocks are managed within the same system.

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