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Retail Management

Best fit solution for retail outlets 

Retail pay aka solution in a box is a two in one product (physical devise & solution) designed to meet the limitations and challenges surrounding payment, transactional information, stock management and customer information management across the all departments and units of a company. It is a best fit solution for retail outlets and can handle both cash and card payments.

It provides a justifiable business case in a single technology platform to deliver a simple, transparent, accountable and integrated solution for managing major business information across several business outlets. It has the capacity to generate reports such as; accounting, revenue collections/volume, transactions, intelligence report, inventory management reports etc.

  • Monitoring  of  revenue  transactions  across  various departments/business outlets
  • Management of inventory
  • Synchronizes backend and front end information
  • Tracks down revenue collections on-line real time.
  • Ability   to   Forecast   and   make   intelligent/strategic business decisions.
  • Ability to capture all revenue collections across all outlets at a glance.
  • Enjoys   24/7 business support program for hardware and software


  • Annual Service Cost per System = N195, 000 for 3 years lease option (N512,000)
  • Outright Purchase= N480,000 one off Payment

Transaction fee

  • 2% to 5% per transaction for Cash payment
  • 1.25% with a cap N2,000 per transaction for Cash payment
  • Flexible and easily customizable to meet specifics of customers needs
  • Handles cash and card payments
  • Ease of administration over the internet from anywhere in the world
  • Eliminates pilfering as sales and stocks are managed within the same system.

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