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Wema Bank holds the 2nd edition of its Employee Wellness Initiative, “WEMAWALKS”

Wema Bank, as part of its employee wellness initiatives, held its 2nd Regional Fitness walk tagged, “WEMAWALKS”, in Ibadan, South-West Nigeria. This comes on the heels of a similar effort in Lagos.

The Managing Director of Wema Bank, Mr. Segun Oloketuyi, speaking during the 5km walk, advised Nigerians to create time to exercise their body for healthy living, saying too much work will lead to unnecessary death.workers in the South-West region.

Oloketuyi said while it is important to always run after survival, doing so at the expense of a healthy life would ensure that one would work for others to reap as death will certainly walk in at the unexpected time.

The Managing Director, who participated in the exercise alongside the Oyo State deputy governor, Chief Moses Adeyemo; Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Adetokunbo Fayokun and the bank’s directors, explained that regular exercise would not only make one healthy, but ensure productive life.

He said: “There is no doubt that each working person needs to give his or her best, but it should be clear that this can only be possible when such a person is healthy, it is therefore important for everyone of us to cultivate the habit of engaging in regular exercise to avoid unnecessary death.

“It is also important to know that the country stands to benefit a lot as a healthy workforce will automatically leads to a productive workforce, which apart from ensuring a good and sound economy, will also engender a reduction on money spent on illhealth. ”

Oloketuyi said that the bank would continue to organise the exercise for its workers across the country, adding that it also provides an opportunity for the workforce to bond and discuss the interest of the bank.

“It is a quarterly programme and this is the second one with the first one held in Lagos, apart from the fact that it is a condition of service in the bank that whoever is coming in must prove to be healthy, the bank will not hesitate to organise the programme on a regular basis knowing fully well that the benefit will be there after the exercise,” he said.

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