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Wema Gold Credit Card


  • WEMA Gold credit card

Naira Denominated Worldwide

  • Naira denominated but usable worldwide
  • EMV (EuroPay MasterCard Visa) certification, this is the highest level of security available
  • Verified   by   Visa   enabled: this   is   the   second   level authentication stipulated by CBN for card not present (CNP, ONLINE)
  • Wema Card Control enabled, this is an exclusive card security platform on which cardholders could enable/disable their card on various payment gateways like ATM, POS, WEB or international.
  • Access to the Visa Global Customer Assistance Services GCAS (emergency card replacement, emergency cash advance etc.)
Type Amount
Card Fee (Joining Fee) N3,500.00
Annual Fee N1,500.00
Re-issue Fee N3,500.00
PIN Re-issue Fee Free
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