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Naira Utility Card (Verve) 


  • Naira Utility Card verve

Third Party Payment

Third parties can make payments on your behalf using your Naira Utility Card. Just pre-load card with the amount quoted on bill and get bills paid with ease. To load card, use any of the Wema Electronic banking platforms or deposit cash at any Wema Bank branch.

Fund Card Purchase Balance
Funds Transfer Bills Payment Enquiry
Bills payment Bills payment
Cash Withdrawal Funds Transfer
PIN Change Mini Statement
View Balance Card to Account

Naira Utility Prepaid, USD Prepaid Travel, Wema Gift Cards, Royal Kiddies e-wallet and co-branded card schemes.

** Please note that charges vary with customers’ requirement

  • Naira denominated and usable only in Nigeria
  • EMV (EuroPay MasterCard Visa) certification; the highest level of security available
  • OTP (One Time Password) enabled. This is the second level authentication stipulated by CBN for card not present (CNP, ONLINE)
  • If card is lost, cash could be unloaded or card re-issued on previous balance
  • The card value is the amount loaded on it
  • Third party acquisition: card could be requested on behalf of other people
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